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Desculpe o Transtorno/Sorry for the Inconvenience

They had eternal and predictable functions. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.

As a cycle. Destruction and repair went together. Yes, the repair. An attempt of it. The patched and the not built. Something that proposes reflections on a rickety ritualism and any similarity is mere coincidence (?). The garbage and their aggregate bodies froze a long process of work. More than 100 kilos of clay, limestone, clinker and gypsum, molded into different body parts, shared space with debris objects. The urban landscape marked encounter with chess. The third element, like Bartleby, "preferred not to". And passively waited for the end of the act. Shells on the floor. The smoke and calcium toasted the isolation of a possible observer. He watched the ground. Peculiar, his feet. He felt the touch of his second skin. The garment came from the earth. Antisynthetic, was made of coffee. The pact with the renewable raw material was consolidated.

Performers (muses):

Natalia Silvestre

Mauricio Krumholz

Antonio Tebyriçá

Thanks, Nadam Guerra.

Collaborative working with Antonio Tebyriça

Installation Performance

Foto Camilla Brg

Foto Camilla Brg

Foto Camila Brg

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